Friday, September 26, 2008

the weekend is upon us!

The finishing touches are done on our new "Create Happiness" kit and it is ready to roll later today! All the little details were less tedious this time, we established a good system for ourselves and I think it shows in this new kit! Lots of pink and brown and so pretty to look at!
Tonight is the start of Scrap Pink, and the formal introduction of Scrap Can Do! at New England Scrapbook Company in Canton, Connecticut. We'll have snacks and treats and some little give aways and lots of bargains. Buy 2 Scrap Can Do kits, receive a mini kit FREE. Sign up for our December 14th workshop an get a mini kit FREE! (So much more here on our December workshop *SOON!* Small details - 3 kits, 2 mini kits, breakfast lunch and snacks, and spend the day with us = PRICELESS! i'm keeeeding. it's $125) We'll be there on Saturday, too!
So if you're in the area, please come see us. It'll be a fun way to pass a dreary and rainy weekend!

Friday, September 19, 2008

scrap pink debut

just a little sneaky-peeky of what's in store for our Scrap Pink kit that will be available next weekend... we started with one idea, and totally canned it for this one. this one rocks. lots of papers, lots of fun embellishments, lots of fun - and even a few surprises!! it has a pink theme, but is not necessarily breast cancer related - it can be used for any subject!

more info on Scrap Pink is here, check it out!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


We're working at a frenzied pace here at Scrap Can Do! We've got things in the works for a November 1 release, we've got things in the works for a workshop in December (stay tuned!), and something in the works for Scrap Pink! on Sept 27!! This is also our big "unveiling" day at New England Scrapbook Company.... we've been on the shelves for a week now, but we are going to do a formal introduction on the 27th. How exciting!

We've got some seasonal projects coming down the line, as well as zoo, baby, some mini-kits, and a few other secrets! Woo! Crank up the coffee maker, it's gonna be a long day!! =D

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


We delivered the kits to New England Scrapbook Company yesterday, and listed 5/6 of the kits on etsy - the last (and the best, in my opinion) will be over there tomorrow.

The packaging is spectacular, and Christy has been putting the finishing touches on a Mini-Kit that will be available some time next week.

As for today, Day 2 of Scrap Can Do - LIVE!, Christy is taking a little time to be under-the-weather, and i'm chasing babies (per usual), so it's back to life as we know it.

We are so excited - we've already had a few sales, and the initial feedback has been great. Can't wait to hear more of what everyone thinks!!