Monday, January 4, 2010

What is the "Can Do" Kit Club?

Many of you have asked us for more kits, more designs, more styles, more everything!  And we've asked ourselves one single question..."How can we bring to you, our customers, new and exciting kits in a timely and cost-effective manner?"  How indeed!

While we all love the idea of a "monthly kit club", I find that the market is flooded with companies that buy items in bulk, pick out coordinating papers and embellishments, create fancy names to get your attention, and wah-la...they send you out a box of stuff that costs way too much and most times you're not sure what to do with it when you get it.  If you're like me, a good bit of the "stuff" are things you would never buy in the 1st place.  Where is the inspiration and creativity?  Where is the passion?

At SCD! we work VERY HARD to create projects that both inspire you as well as help you finish completed projects in a timely manner.  Because we take the time to develop and create the project, all you have to do is follow the easy full-length instructions and you're done!  What could be better?

In an answer to the overwhelming response to our kits, we would like to introduce the "Can Do Kit Club."  Our club offers you the option of purchasing a subscription to receive our newsest kit every month at a savings off the regular price.  You'll also have the option of purchasing the monthly "Mini Kit".  This "add on" feature will also save you money.  And, when you join for 6 months, you'll receive an exclusive kit not available for retail sale! 

Our kit program starts January 15th.  Watch for details in the coming days for pricing and a "sneak peak" of our 1st "Can Do" kit! 

Until then, we want to leave you with a "sneak peak" of our newest kit "Love Notes". 

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

2009 was such a crazy year for us at SCD! In July, I moved to California and SCD! was put on hold until I got settled. Then, I moved back to CT in October and all was well again. Poor Vanessa's hair is still wind-blown from all the excitement! (She's got a hair appointment tomorrow!)

And so, with a new year begins a new chapter. I am settled back in my home, Vanessa can hardly keep up with all my manic outbursts & SCD! is back on track! We have moved all of our supplies to the SCD! studio and are ready to go! Just listen to what we have up our sleeves:

Vanessa is busy with the cutest lil' mitten album from Maya Road while I have my hands busy with a Valentine's stamp album (also from Maya Road.) We will soon be releasing the newest Baby album as well as the very anticipated Disney album. We are teaching a workshop at the end of the month at New England Scrapbook Co. Watch for us on the road as we take SCD! to area weekend retreats this year. We'll let you know where we'll be in the coming weeks...maybe we'll see you at a crop!

And if that isn't enough, come January 15 our "Can Do Kit Club" kicks for details Monday morning! We are so excited!

Thank you for all of your support over these past months. Vanessa & I wish you the very best New Year!